Welcome back!!

After a bit of a summer break, I’m finally back!! Over the summer I found that I needed to step away a bit, slow down on some of my knitting and crochet projects, and overall just recharge my batteries.

But now I’ve started knitting again, begun designing a few other new things, and have returned to blogging!!

And first up on some of the new items you can expect to see from Yarnpaint is the return of my Etsy store. I had put it on a bit of a vacation, too. However, over the next few days you can expect to see some of my patterns being added to the shop as well as some physical items.

Such as these little knit pumpkins…


They are all knit by me from yarn I custom dyed. Each one is unique and has a real twig attached to the top. You can find them here in my Etsy store.

I really like these little guys— I have a bunch for decorating my house and also give them out as gifts (hostess gifts, thank you gifts, etc) throughout the fall.

Hope you like them! And keep an eye on the blog, as well as my Etsy store, for more updates!

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