Free Pattern Friday: Zombie Egg

Remember how I said a few weeks ago that I was going to start releasing a few of my older patterns as free ones? Yup, here’s another one for you!

Zombie Egg
Copyright 2014 Megan Antoniak/
For personal and non-profit use only. Do not sell this pattern or items made from it.

Ironically I first made this pattern a few years ago as a birthday gift to my brother– whose birthday it will be again in just a few days. He has a thing about eggs and zombies so this project was just perfect for him. I figure The Walking Dead fans might find something funny here, too.

Also, since Easter is in a few weeks, I thought this was a good pattern to release for those of the more…dark and creepy orientation!!

This was one of my first published patterns and when I checked the PDF, I noticed a few errors in stitch count and formatting, so I have corrected it here in this post and removed the PDF from Ravelry to replace it with this link. However, it has been a while since I personally made this pattern, so if there are still any errors, please feel free to let me know!!

Project Type: Crochet
Skill Level: Easy


  • Green sport or worsted weight yarn
  • A little of each of these colors of yarn, either in sport or worsted weight: black, yellow, and red.
  • Two buttons, can be of different colors and size
  • Size G crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Stuffing
  • Stitch marker (optional)
  • Scissors

Gauge: Not important for zombie eggs…

Size: If using sport weight yarn, your zombie egg will generally be about 2 1⁄2 inches tall and 2 inches wide. With worsted weight, it will be about 3 inches tall and 2 1⁄2 inches wide. This size will vary, though, depending on the yarn used, hook size and your own tension.


Sc : single crochet
Dec1sc : single crochet two single crochet together to make a decrease
Inc1sc : two single crochet in one single crochet to make an increase


  • With magic loop, cast on 6sc
  • Inc1sc around (12)
  • *Sc2, inc1sc, repeat from * around (16)
  • *Sc3, inc1sc, repeat from * around (20)
  • *Sc4, inc1sc, repeat from * around (24)
  • *Sc5, inc1sc, repeat from * around (28)
  • *Sc6, inc1sc, repeat from * around (32)
  • Work even for 5 rows (32)
  • *Sc2, dec1sc, repeat from * around (24)
  • *Sc2, dec1sc, repeat from * around (18)
  • Stitch on eyes and details of face. See images for examples and the “Details” section below for more ideas.
  • *Sc1, dec1sc, repeat from * around (12)
  • Dec1sc around (6)
  • Cut yarn leaving long tail, pull yarn through last stitch to bind off then thread on yarn needle. Stuff egg firmly. Weave end of yarn through stitches and pull closed. Bottom of egg should be tight and smooth, if not try weaving yarn through stitches more to round off. Weave in tail and cut remainder.


For the eyes, position the two buttons where you would like them to be. How close or far apart you put them dramatically changes the appearance of your zombie egg, so it is a personal decision. Stitch one button eye firmly to the egg and tie off. Now it’s time to add the second button, the one that is falling off the zombie egg. Taking the yarn (knotted and threaded on the needle) stitch it through the zombie and the second button — do not pull tight! Continue to thread through the button, still not pulling the yarn tight. Taking the needle, sew back through the zombie head, leaving the yarn going through the button long and loose, so that it dangles to the side. Tie off securely.Using black yarn, stitch a long slanting mouth and two little slits just above that for a nose. Take yellow yarn and stitch three block teeth along the mouth.

Finally, taking the red yarn again, stitch a long straight “gash” along the top of the zombie egg’s shell. Do two small vertical lines, like as if they are stitches.

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