Sock Progress!!

I’m actually really pleased and surprised at how well my new 221b Baker Street shawl pattern is doing. It’s getting a lot more of an enthusiastic response than I anticipated! I didn’t really release it with any sort of major fanfare or even plug it that much on Ravelry, but still quite a number of people have already favorited it! So that’s wonderful!!

I’m still working on a few other designs and working on my sock project when I get a chance at night. The first sock is working up quite quickly, despite a few problems.

One problem is my gauge. I had thought my gauge was good, but apparently when I started making the sock the gauge went off. Because when I hit the desired number of repeats– according to the pattern– I was 2” shorter than I should have been. Hurmph. So I went ahead and did two additional repeats of the leg section which, by the time I block the sock, should easily make it 6”. You can see that the sock does need to be blocked as the lace pattern isn’t really showing up yet.

As you can also see in the so-so picture above, I’m onto the short row heel. Which is a lot easier than I expected it to be, although I’m still not to sure about the holes it will leave. But I guess it does work with the rest of the lace pattern.

Also, random aside, this yarn is really making me sneeze. I’m not sure if it is just dusty or that my allergies are so bad right now from everything starting to bloom that I’m extra sensitive, but it is getting a little frustrating. However it isn’t making my hands itch, so I think I should be able to wear the socks no problem. I hope…

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