221b Baker Street

I was inspired by a recent Sherlock Holmes read-along to knit something Holmesian. It would have to be simple– as Sherlock is anything but an ostentatious person– yet still fashionable, for Sherlock is never poorly dressed unless there is a reason! And it also needed to be practical for keeping off the cold while out searching for clues among the moors. I also wanted it to be a little different from a scarf. The result was this shawl, which I feel is perfect for any Sherlock Holmes fan!

The construction is a typical top-down triangle shawl with a basic pointed edging.The main body of the lace design is elegant and yet simple enough to not be showy and is easy to memorize. Also, as the needle size is smaller, the lace is slightly denser making it warmer, but not so heavy it doesn’t breathe! The lace pattern also reminds me a little of the infamous wallpaper in the recent BBC adaptation, Sherlock.

The pattern is mostly charted with some– meaning very few– written instructions.

Pattern available on Ravelry here!


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