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I’ve decided to start another small personal project. I’ve still got my designing projects going, but I like to have a personal one on the side where I just get to relax and follow the well written pattern of some other designer.

I was given Jane Austen Knits Fall 2013 Edition for Christmas. I really love this magazine series— the articles are interesting, the projects are fun and even if you don’t make all of the patterns, you can’t help but enjoy the pictures!!

I’ve made several projects from the first edition of the Jane Austen Knits magazine, but wasn’t able to purchase some of the other editions. However, since I got this one for Christmas, I have a whole new magazine of lovely projects to drool over and plan on knitting.

Currently, I’ve decided to knit Anne’s Socks. I’m not really a sock person, but I thought these were lovely and they might be fun to try. The designer even says they are good for beginner and intermediate knitters— and while I wouldn’t consider myself any of those generally, I am when it comes to knitting socks!!

I’m planning on rereading the book and either borrowing Persuasion from the local library or downloading it from the Kindle store. I’m not quite certain which version I would prefer to read— a physical copy or digital.

In looking through Google for a good Ravelry project placeholder photo, I stumbled across this image which I thought was very nice. And, in typical Jane Austen fashion, the text is overwhelmingly romantic.

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