New WordPress Blog!

Nope, I’m not going to quit using this blog. This isn’t what the post is about. Instead, it’s about my opening up a second blog!!

The Viking Fiber Geek

This blog, if you follow the link above, is for all my especially geeky research and ramblings related to– you guessed it– Norse and Viking culture! And, yes, some Medieval culture too as the new blog’s tagline says. But mostly for Norse culture.

What can you expect? Well, if you click on the link to look at the blog, currently you aren’t going to find much. Just an unimportant first post and half-completed “about” page. But there will be more soon! I plan on using it to ramble about information I’ve found, query things I don’t know but will hopefully find information about soon, provide reviews of books I’ve read as well as post lots of information about fiber arts. All relating to the appropriate culture and time, that is.

So basically you will still find information about spinning, but on a drop spindle not a spinning wheel. You will find information about my latest creations, but only if they are tablet woven, nalbound and the like. Not so much knitting or crochet unless I finagle them in with having them relate somehow. (Such as you might see a shawl that’s inspired by fillintheblank Norse mythological character, etc.)

Why am I doing this? Mostly so I don’t bore anyone who isn’t interested in these topics but who otherwise want to follow my blog– meaning this one, yarnpaint. This way, if you want to see more about what I’m doing with tablet weaving, etc, you can find it on that blog. But if you aren’t interested in it, then you won’t be wishing you hadn’t subscribed to this one!!

So head on over, or don’t, depending on your preference!

2 responses to “New WordPress Blog!

  1. You watch Vikings, yes??

    I totally think your next shawl should be something Lagertha inspired.

    And if you don’t watch, and don’t get this post, then you must rectify this immediately! <3

    • Of *course* I watch The Vikings!! I also have 840 yards of purple lace weight that I think would work perfectly for a shawl like that, and have been considering it for a while now, but I just haven’t figured out the right stitch patterns.

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