Beltane Shawl

I finally finished up a small personal project the other day.

It’s a shawl.

Don’t act as if you are surprised…

I made it just because I wanted something more mindless to knit. Something where I didn’t have to count or worry about how the design was working, or not working. And I wanted something personal, just for myself, for Spring/Beltane/Easter.

So I made this!

The construction is very simple and repetitive, but that’s what I was going for. Then I added the eyelet sections down at the bottom to break it up a little bit. Did a two-stitch BO to make the edging stretchier.

It’s made from some of my own handspun. The fiber is 100% BFL from threewatersfarm on Etsy, the colorway was called Summer Squash and I named the spinning project The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I purchased the fiber in September 2013 and spun it slowly across a few months– finished in November 2013 according to my Ravelry project page.

The stripes completely took me by surprise while I was knitting it. I had just spun the roving as it came without much thought to the colors or how I was spinning the colors. Basically I just ripped off a chunk and spun it then added another chunk, kept going and simply enjoyed the spinning. When it striped so perfectly it completely surprised– and delighted– me!

Technical-ish spinning-ish stuff-ish for those who are curious would be that it was spun on my Dodec spindle spinning wheel, short forward draw, worsted style (although far from being perfect worsted type spinning!) and is single ply. Fingering weight with a few slubs and thin bits. (While knitting I broke the yarn at the thin bits and started again at sections that were not too thin then just wove in the ends after blocking to prevent crazy skinny sections in the shawl.)

It’s super soft and I’m kinda crazy proud of it and can’t wait to wear it for Easter and Beltane.

Oh, and in case you noticed and are wondering, I cut my hair! Which is why it looks so drastically different from the previous post’s pictures!

Which reminds me, don’t forget to enter the contest to win a free pattern!!

Have a crafty Tuesday!!

4 responses to “Beltane Shawl

  1. You’ve cut your hair! You look lovely, but then you always have been especially beautiful.

    I like the shawl, it’s very nice.

    Love you! Mom

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