Free Pattern Friday Guest: Little Lizard with Butterfly Wings

This time for my Free Pattern Friday Guest, I’m doing something a little different. I will still show you a wonderful pattern– two, in fact!– from a super talented designer, but I will also explain some mods I made to the patterns.

So, here we go!!

I made this adorable little lizard pattern around Christmas time for a swap on Ravelry. My partner liked lizards and I thought it would be fun to make her a super small one– small amigurumis were also the theme of the swap!

First, I used the pattern Little Lizard by Cassidy Clark, who you can find on Ravelry!! The pattern was super easy, if not a little fiddly at times because of the size of yarn and knitting needles I had picked. (I was using some lace handspun I’d dyed with Kool Aid and size US 1 DPNs.)

The main thing, besides the size, that I did differently with the pattern was change the leg pattern. I wanted my lizard to have toes, like some of the other Ravelry users had made, but I didn’t want to be picking up a bunch of stitches and doing a million icords. So, I crocheted them!

Here are the instructions to make the crochet legs/toes:

With crochet hook of appropriate size for your yarn:

1) Slst into body and ch 8
2) Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next ch then slst into next chain after that
3) Ch3
4) Sc in 2nd ch from hook and sc next ch then slst into the ch that have already slst into with the final slst of row 2
5) Ch3 and repeat row 4 (will have 3 slst in 1 ch)
6) Slst back down chain toward body and then slst into body and fasten off
7) Repeat

Pretty easy!!

My next mod came from the fact that my swap partner also liked magical creatures and dragons. So I made up a funny little story about the evolution of dragons and how now they look like almost like “fairy lizards”– with little butterfly-like wings! Which meant I had to make butterfly wings for the little lizard I was sending!!

I used the pattern Butterfly Grace by Chrissy on Ravelry. The pattern was super easy and quick and the main mod was just not making the middle body part but folding the butterfly in half the same way and just stitching it onto the back of the lizard instead. I used Noro Kirameki Singles and a size US 5 steel crochet hook to make sure the wings were small enough for the lizard, but colorful enough to look like butterfly, or fairy, wings!

And that’s it! I had a hard time parting with this cute little guy after he was all done, but luckily my swap partner was charmed by him too, so I felt good about sending him to his new home!

Have a crafty weekend!!

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