Free Pattern Friday Guest: Fierce Little Dragon

Time for another Free Pattern Friday– guest edition! Today I’ll be focusing on the pattern called Fierce Little Dragon by Lucy Ravenscar!

I made this guy a few months ago actually, I just haven’t gotten to blog about him before. I was doing a dragon themed read-and-craft-along on Ravelry through the group Folklore and Fairy Tales. Lots of fun!! This little guy had been in my queue for quite a while, but doing the read along finally inspired me to make him.

The pattern is simple, clearly written and well formatted. And the designer has a great sense of aesthetic– all her patterns are adorable!

I did change the wings a bit, as you can see in the picture. I didn’t have enough of the light grey yarn and the original pattern for the wings drooped a bit more than I personally liked. But I did fidget with the original wings a bit and really liked the clever crochet stitches and shaping!

It does have quite a number of fiddly bits to stitch together– which isn’t something I particularly care for. But in this instance, it is unavoidable and the results are well worth it!

Overall, adorable and easy little pattern. One which you should go check out and make if you ever need an excellent dragon!

Have a crafty weekend!!

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