Almost done!

Finally got those pictures I’ve been looking for! Took several attempts and lots of not so great pictures to get a few that I feel will work for this project.

Here’s a small sample!

Yup, so now I’ve decided I just need some pattern testers to make sure I didn’t royally screw up the charts somewhere. As I am entirely likely to have done since I’ve never used this charting program before, let alone charted a shawl before!

Hopefully this shawl will be completely done soon!!


4 responses to “Almost done!

  1. I would be interested in testing your shawl pattern. It’s beautiful and I have some variegated warm tone cotton with a nice sheen that would be perfect!

    • Thank you for your offer!! Are you on Ravelry? My user name is “feymuse” (no quotes)– just PM me there and we can talk about it! Otherwise, email me at: yarnpaint AT gmail DOT com (obviously change the AT and DOT to their correct symbols! I’m just trying to stop spam.)

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