Almost done!

Finally got those pictures I’ve been looking for! Took several attempts and lots of not so great pictures to get a few that I feel will work for this project.

Here’s a small sample!

Yup, so now I’ve decided I just need some pattern testers to make sure I didn’t royally screw up the charts somewhere. As I am entirely likely to have done since I’ve never used this charting program before, let alone charted a shawl before!

Hopefully this shawl will be completely done soon!!

4 Replies to “Almost done!”

  1. I would be interested in testing your shawl pattern. It’s beautiful and I have some variegated warm tone cotton with a nice sheen that would be perfect!

    1. Thank you for your offer!! Are you on Ravelry? My user name is “feymuse” (no quotes)– just PM me there and we can talk about it! Otherwise, email me at: yarnpaint AT gmail DOT com (obviously change the AT and DOT to their correct symbols! I’m just trying to stop spam.)

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