More Shawls and Yarn!!

So I’m not sure if I sprained my toe or just bruised it good last night, but I at least know I smashed it into a coffee table, had it swell up, and have been limping about all morning. No shoes for me today! But this also means that if my pictures are only so-so it’s because I just couldn’t make myself limp back and forth anymore to take better ones.

Last night I ended up finishing the PDF for the shawl I wrote about yesterday. Minus the pictures that is. Still waiting for the weekend for those. But I even have the gauge and size added to the PDF– something I normally leave to last minute because I’m too lazy to measure or find where I wrote out the measurements!!

I am considering asking about for some pattern testers, though, so the shawl publication might be delayed a bit. We’ll have to see!

Currently I’m working on another shawl project. It’s the one you see above. My husband teases me incessantly that I’m constantly making shawls, but I really don’t  know what he’s talking about. I’ve only made seven shawls/wraps. Ever. Total. And some of those I’ve since given away. I think he’s never seen anyone who makes a lot of shawls. Some of those ladies on Ravelry seem to make nothing but intricate and amazing lace shawls! Just like some of them make almost nothing but sweaters or socks!

I think those knitters must be very warm and cozy over the wintertime…

Perhaps I should do more shawls and sweaters and take up sock knitting…

Anyway, the shawl is super easy, has a very short little chart and might even be suitable for a beginner lace project. I haven’t quite decided on a border yet, but I’ve got a ways to go on the center before then.

The yarn is custom dyed. I’m using KnitPicks Shadow Lace which I dyed with Jacquard Acid Dye– Sapphire Blue. I used a fairly good bit of dye to make it darker, by the way. (The picture shows the yarn a bit lighter in color than it really is.)

I also dyed these two other yarn hanks on the same day!

They are also pretty and vibrant, but the picture doesn’t do them justice. Like I said– limping. I’ve got plans for these two hanks, but I have to finish some other things first before I can start on their projects. Such as a commission that just came in yesterday!

And that’s all for today! Happy Thursday!!


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