Amigurumi Inspiration

Just a bit of a quick tip for you today.

Amigurumis are wonderful things to make. Basically, if it exists, you can probably make an amigurumi out of it. Now I know a lot of people disagree with this based on the fundamental idea of just because it can be crocheted, doesn’t mean it should be. But…I kinda think they are sticks in the mud.

An amigurumi is a work of art and a puzzle on so many levels. To look at something and consider– how would I crochet that? What about that curve, simple increases? That lump, maybe a bobble? That spot right there, should I do a BLO crochet or some other sort of decrease?

But, we all run out of ideas. So, if you are stuck, a great thing to look at is nature! Especially old scientific diagrams because they are so detailed and often drawn flat– which makes it easier to see where you would need to decrease, increase, etc. Also items in nature can make a great starting point for your own monsters and the like!

Lately I’ve been looking on Vintage Printable for some ideas.

I’m thinking an amigurumi of this might be in my future…

And, just because I loved the image so much…

Hope this helps! Let me know if you find anything that inspires you on that site or what other ways you get inspired!


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