Etsy Eye Candy: Microbiology and the Like

I know this sounds a bit random, but something I’ve been fascinated by for a while now is microbiology. I love the idea of tiny organisms existing in almost a completely different world. Or the concept that a good portion of me is not actually me, but a whole ecosystem of other lifeforms, etc.

And occasionally I look to see what other crafters– who share a similar fascination– have created to express this love.

Hope you enjoy!

Cold and Flue Cross Stitch Set
from aliciawatkins

Microbiology Science Stickers
from meganlee

Microbiology Charm Necklace
from NBDesigns

Handmade Felt and Crochet Mold Covered Moleskine Notebook
from elinart

Vintage Botanical Print
from ThePrintMakers

Blue Bacteria Fused Glass Pendant
from trilobiteglassworks


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