GaMERCaT Kickstarter!!

Gamercat Copyright Samantha Whitten

GaMERCaT Example Plush
Copyright Samantha Whitten

So this is a bit of a different post. But, I’m so happy about it that I have to share it. Right. Now.

Plus, the Kickstarter could use all the promotion it can get!!

But I will try and make it short and not boring.

Anyway, I am a big fan of the comic GaMERCaT. Those of you who have looked at my Ravelry have probably seen me using one of her icons for my Ravatar, as well as advertising her comic on my “About Me” page on Ravelry.

If you haven’t read the comic and you are a gamer, you should totally go read it this instant. In fact, I will wait until you have finished…Go. Shoo!!

Back already? Funny, right? Read it all in one go? Told ya.

Anyway, I’m a behind here, but yesterday I discovered her Kickstarter for a GaMERCaT plush.

Gamercat Plush Copyright Samantha Whitten

GaMERCaT Plush Image
Copyright Samantha Whitten

So adorable!!

The Kickstarter has been going on for a while but, like I said, I’m a bit late to the game. Yes, sloppy pun intended.

After drooling over it for a while, my husband offered to get it for me as an early/late Valentine’s Day gift. Early because it’s not Valentine’s Day and late because it probably won’t get here until May.

Needless to say I’m super excited. She’s already hit way over her original goal and hit all the current stretch goals. Which means extra goodies!!

Gamercat Gif Copyright Samantha Whitten

Did you say a GaMERCaT plush AND extra goodies?!

Okay, but seriously, if you like the comic you should consider funding the project because the artist is great, the comic is funny and the product is just too adorable! Plus, you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting an indie artist.

And in case all that is stopping you from funding it is just scrolling back up to find the links, here they are again:

GaMERCaT Kickstarter

GaMERCaT Website


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