Chinese New Year

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year. I was going to post about it tomorrow, but I have another post planned so this one is getting bumped up a day early. However, by doing that it does give some time for other people to prepare for Chinese New Year!!

This year is the Year of the Horse. To celebrate, we’re planning on getting Chinese food for dinner tomorrow from an absolutely wonderful Chinese restaurant here in town. Seriously, the people who own it recognize us on sight– even if we haven’t been there in a while– and know exactly what we order. (We’re pretty boring as it turns out, we only order one of two different dishes. But that’s really because they are just so good.) The owners are also great in that they allow us to sub out tofu for whatever meal we want, even if it isn’t on the menu. Awesome, right?!

I wanted to get a few Chinese lanterns to hang along my kitchen, too, but apparently Chinese lanterns are hard to find or else are very expensive. I wouldn’t have thought that paper and wire would be so expensive, but apparently it is.

What I made instead were some crochet amigurumis. Of course! Like you’re surprised. I already had the little soy bottle made from a while ago, but the dumpling I’d made to accompany him got messed up so I remade it. Well…by that I mean I actually made several. Read: five.

I just couldn’t stop! They were so easy. And quick! And so cute!

If you want to make some of your own for Chinese New Year, you can find the free pattern here from Genuine Mudpie. She actually has a lot of super cute patterns so you should go take a look at the rest of them, too!

And, if you don’t get a chance to make anything for Chinese New Year by tomorrow, don’t forget that it lasts 15 days! So you have a while!

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