Doomsday Knits

Some of you– if you subscribe to my feed– might have seen a post flash up on your radar. Then… mysteriously disappear. (*insert spooky noises here*)

Alright, maybe it isn’t so much of a mystery as some bumbling moron accidentally hitting the “publish” button instead of the “save draft” button for a post that will be out Friday.

What was the post? Spoilers, sweetie!!

Have you seen the new pattern book Doomsday Knits by Cooperative Press yet? It’s pretty awesome. In fact, I’m kinda obsessed with it.

It came out in December 2013, but I just saw it the other day. Most of the time pattern books don’t really do anything for me. I tend to like one or two of the patterns, but not the rest. So I don’t purchase the book because I feel like it will be a waste. But this pattern book is different. I like almost all of the patterns in this book. The photography is also gorgeous. You should go take a look. (This one is for the Ravelry link because you can check out the details of each pattern better than the official site. You can also purchase the PDF version of the book from this link. The paper version or PDF can be found on the one above it.)

Here’s a few of my pattern favorites from the book:

And now my inner geeky knitter is screaming “Want!!” Repeatedly. In a very high pitched squeak. Time to go work on some other project to distract it!!


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