Yarn Cravings and Birthday Cake

Today it is remarkably nice outside. Being in Tennessee we don’t get anywhere near the intensity of winter that they do up north, but for us it’s enough.

Lately we’ve been having weather in the 30s, 20s and 10s during the day and even colder at night. For Tennessee this is surprisingly cold. But today it is a bit warmer– in the 40s. Which, after all that cold, feels almost balmy! Well… maybe I exaggerated. It doesn’t completely. Not with the wind at least.

Today is also my husband’s birthday so I made a cake. Not an especially complicated one. Just an Add-A-Few-Ingredients-Mix-It-Together-And-Bake-It-You-Really-Can’t-Mess-This-Up-Stupid sort of cake. Not that I mind such cakes. They are the savior of many a home baker. But it always boggles my mind when people compliment it as if you spent hours sifting flour and the like!

I did actually do a bit of “fancy” decorating on it. I’ve never used any of that decorative icing before, but my mother-in-law gave me some so I decided to try. Obviously, I don’t have a calling or natural talent to do professional cakes…

I also lack nice handwriting…

If you notice, the cake actually has toothpicks stuck in it and plastic wrap covering it. This is because of the Ladybug Incident shortly before my icing the cake. I don’t know if where you live has ladybugs, but Tennessee certainly does. (Yes, I know, they are Japanese Beetles or something like that, but I just call them ladybugs as they look almost the same.) These nasty little guys are all over the place! We vacuum up at least 8 a day. In. The. House. Anyway, I had left the cake cooling on the stove and apparently one of them decided to land on it. Ewwwww! In the end I was so grossed out I had to shave the top layer off part of the cake. Which is why the plastic wrap went onto the finish product almost right away.

Finally, I’ve also been working on some random crochet today.

I’m mostly just fiddling around with the idea of creating some wristers. Or pulsewarmers. Or whatever you call them. I like to call them wristers as I feel that separates them from fingerless gloves, which go further up your hand and have a thumb gusset or at least a hole for the thumb. Writsers don’t. They are for your wrist. Hence, wristers.

Somewhere out there someone is groaning at my explanation.

What you see above is The Harmony Guide: Basic Crochet Stitches and 150 Crochet Trims both of which are excellent and both of which I borrowed from my mother. You also see one of my favorite crochet hooks– supposedly an US I but it acts more like a US G– that I maybe accidentally borrowed from my mother but don’t want to exactly tell her that I swiped. Er, I mean am still borrowing. Probably because she will want it back as it is a rather good crochet hook. (Although with this blog post now she no doubt knows! Sorry, Mom!!)

I’m also using two different yarns. One is a blue alpaca lace that I plan to double to make fingering weight and then there is a worsted cotton. The kind you use for dishcloths. Not wristers. Well, you could, but I wouldn’t suggest it. But I’ve got it out in this vague hope that it might work. No, really not that. Mostly I’ve got it out because I’ve got a bit of a yarn craving today.

Do you ever get yarn cravings? They are a bit annoying. It comes from deciding– always spur of the moment– that you want to make something and you want to make it in a certain kind of yarn. But when you look in your stash hopefully, you realize you don’t have anything except maybe a few scraps of any kind of yarn you want. And everything else just looks terrible.

I want a nice ecru yarn.

I’m not quite sure why. I’m not even sure how much I would like it for wristers as it would probably get dirty quickly. So maybe an ecru that is more brown or grey based. But I want some. Today. This minute. So I can crochet with it. But this cotton is all I have. And it isn’t going to work, no matter how much I might fidget with it. Which means I will have to use the blue alpaca.



2 responses to “Yarn Cravings and Birthday Cake

  1. Mom here. Seeing as your talents now far outstrip your old mother’s I’m sure the hook is in a happier home with you! Not to mention, I do have a rather alarming number of hooks…I’m sure I have another of that size…so use it in good health and all is forgiven!

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