Visiting the Craft Center

Yesterday my husband and I went out to visit the Craft Center at the local university. The location is really very nice– in the woods, near the lake and with a huge selection of hiking trails. They also have student vegetable gardens and, if you walk through the woods, you find gardens of various discarded projects. It’s really fun to see it all. The discards always change– they are normally things that have broken or didn’t turn out the way someone wanted– and the woods and various elements slowly break them down or engulf them. Or people take them! :)

Anyway, we didn’t go walking yesterday as it was a bit too cold. But we do like visiting the galleries. There are three– two display with traveling shows and one sales gallery with all local and student work. It’s always nice to see what people are working on, especially if you know some of the artists!

But, of course, I forgot the camera. Blah!

I used my husband’s iPod to get some pictures, but, being an iPod, they aren’t very good. Sigh. These are the only two that came out okay, but really they are grainy if you take too close of a look at them. But I thought that the woven scarves were lovely and I really liked the saying in the block print. No, I don’t know quite what it means, but I feel like if I ever did, they should be words to live by!

Next time I’ll bring the good camera and get some pictures of the woods and the various neglected/discarded items.

Happy Friday!


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