New Support Spindle!

I just got my new support spindle in the mail today! Here’s a look at the beauty!!

I’ve been looking for a new, lightweight bottom whorl drop spindle for a while now without much success. Most of the bottom whorls I found were too heavy or too out of my price range. It seems, in fact, that most lightweight spindles appear to be top whorl, of which I’m not as big of a fan.

Different spindles for different folks and all that!

Anyway, the most recent edition of Spin Off talked a fair amount about spinning cotton. Cotton, for those who don’t know, is a very short fiber and requires a lot of twist to spin. A suggested method for spinning cotton, and one of the most ancient, is to use a support spindle. Support spindles rest in a bowl and spin while the person drafts out their fiber like you would for spinning normally. But what’s great about these support spindles is how fast they can go– depending on the kind you get– and how wonderful certain kinds work for cotton.

So, being curious me, I started researching these spindles.

I found HipStrings on Etsy and Jill’s lovely collection of a wide variety of support spindles and I fell in love. Jill was super wonderful and agreed to make a custom order support spindle just for me. I got her Celtic Swirl Squall. Here’s Jill’s description of what a Squall size spindle is good for.

Squall – 1.5″, middle of the road spindle – can still handle short staples with ease (I spun some cashmere from the cloud with one) but can start adventuring with more typical wools like merino, alpaca, cormo. Typical spin time is around a minute.

So there we are. Like I said, it arrived today and I already think it is amazing. My skills are somewhat lacking as the cotton I have spun so far is slubby or overspun in bits, but something you always have to remember with spinning– or any craft really– is the learning curve. ‘Cause I know my first attempts at other things didn’t look too great either! :)

Hopefully by the time I finish up the sample fiber Jill included and move into the cotton I purchased, I will be more consistent in my spinning!

And that’s it! Happy Wednesday everyone!!


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