Back from hiatus!

So I took a little hiatus from the blog during the holidays, but I’m back! And I’m working on things. (Not that I wasn’t working on things while I wasn’t updating the blog but…you know what I mean.)

Currently, among other projects, I am working on a yellow shawl. Now I would give you more details and explanation about what exactly I am doing with this yellow shawl but I’m not. Partly because I’m thinking about making this my first Mystery Knit Along when I’m ready to publish the pattern. It’s divided into several panels and I feel it might work well as a MKAL, but I haven’t decided. So until then, it’s a bit of a secret.

In case you are wondering, or in case you weren’t, the yarn I’m using is Cascade Heritage Silk Fingering yarn that I purchased from Paradise Fibers. It’s really very nice to work with– minimal splitting and takes well to frogging with only a little bit of pilling, and the pilling is probably only because of the silk. Originally it was in the colorway Strawberries and Cream– a pink color as you should be able to tell from the name– but I decided to overdye it. I used a Jacquard dye in Sun Yellow (a dye I was given from a lovely swap partner!) which was remarkably easy and minimally toxic, although I do suggest using a good mask and gloves are a must!  The result of all this work was the lovely golden yellow yarn you see in the picture!!

Oh and the little white strings/thread you can see in the picture are my lifelines. If you don’t know how to use lifelines, I suggest that you learn! They are wonderful if you do any sort of lace knitting, especially if you do any lace designing! It saves you time. So. Much. Time.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Happy Tuesday!!

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