Sir Gawain: New Pattern!

Yes, I am launching another new pattern. I know, two patterns in one week?! Exciting!!

Anyway, the pattern is called Sir Gawain after the hero of the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I’ve actually been working on this pattern since about October, but it takes me a while to make a 7 foot long demo piece…

Sir Gawain is a wrap knitted from one side to the other. It has a knit on edging and a provisional crochet cast on so that the bind off is quick and easy and there isn’t any seaming. (Because who really likes seaming?)

Best of all the pattern also counts for the 10% off holiday sale!! Just enter the code happyholidays2013 in your shopping cart. The holiday sale goes until December 25th so be sure to snag any patterns or items you want sooner rather than later. (Just 5 days until Christmas!!)

You can find the Sir Gawain pattern in either my Ravelry store or my Etsy store.

Have a great weekend! Hope you can avoid the holiday shopping crowds!!

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