Free Pattern Friday: Pumpkinstein

So I’ve been absent for a bit, mostly because of being busy with designing lots of new patterns but also because of being sick. Again.  Which is just no fun let me tell you.

But, I’m back! With a new installment of Free Pattern Friday that features another original pattern by me!

Halloween is coming up and I love decorating for it! The little friendly ghost, spiders, vampires, bats and, of course, pumpkins and Frankenstein’s Monsters! (Yes, plural. I have several.) Anyway, I got to wondering about combining Frankenstein’s Monster and a pumpkin. (Well, that and I had some green handspun yarn sitting around…)

And so Pumpkinstein was born!


by Megan Antoniak

copyright 2013

For personal and non-profit use only. Do not sell this pattern or items made from it.

Project Type: Knitting

Skill Level: Easy/beginner

Materials Needed:

  • Green yarn, bulky or worsted weight
  • Scrap of red, white and black yarn
  • Size US 11 needles for bulky or US 8 for worsted
  • 15mm yellow safety eyes
  • Two 1” bolts
  • Stuffing
  • A small piece of real twig
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors


  1. Cast on 12 stitches leaving a long tail
  2. P (purl) 1 row
  3. *K1 (knit), KFB (knit forward and back into next stitch), repeat from * across
  4. P the row
  5. K the row
  6. Repeat rows 4 and 5 three more times (6 rows ending on K row)
  7. P the row
  8. *K1, K2tog (knit two stitches together), repeat from * across
  9. Cut yarn leaving an extra long tail. Thread yarn onto yarn needle and pass yarn through all stitches on the knitting needle to draw the base closed forming a circular shape. Do not cut tail or weave in this end. Repeat with tail from the cast on end this time cutting tail and weaving in the end. Picking up the cast off end/tail again begin to seam closed the open side of the Pumpkinstein. Before closing insert eyes and stuffing. (See images for placement ideas!)
  10. Still using the tail, which should now be at the top of the Pumpkinstein, slide needle through the center top of the Pumpkinstein and out the center base. Wrap the yarn around the outside of the Pumpkinstien and back through the center top.  Repeat this for as many times as desired with the exception of one segment on the back where you will add the sewn up stitches in red.
  11. Taking the black yarn, sew a mouth and use white to stitch on teeth. Above one of the eyes stitch a gash with stitches using the red yarn. (See images for ideas!) At the very back of the Pumpkinstien, repeat this with the red yarn making a longer gash and more stitches.
  12. Finally, with the hot glue gun, glue the twig to the center top of the Pumpkinstein and the bolts to the side. (You can push the bolts into the body slightly to secure them even better when gluing.)

And that’s it! You are all done!

Hope you enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!!

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