Free Pattern Friday Guest: Evelyn, Evelyn

Today’s FPF is another “guest” edition, this time featuring Evelyn, Evelyn from The Anticraft website. It’s a pattern I’ve shown you briefly before– from when I first made it in February, which is why there is snow in the picture– but I thought I would spotlight it better.

First of all, The Anticraft is a great website and you should certainly check it out. I’m very sad that they aren’t publishing any more issues, but they still have all their back issues online and you can still follow them on Facebook where they post about all sorts of creepy, gothic and sometimes just downright weird things.

I originally made my Evelyn, Evelyn for a Valentine’s Day contest on Ravelry. I didn’t win, but it was fun to make them! I’d had my eye on the pattern for a while, so the contest was a perfect excuse!!

The pattern is remarkably simple, with clever shaping and is worked with very little sewing. You work several pieces– such as the two heads and the three legs– but then they are crocheted together. Which, I feel, is a pattern style that should always be done whenever possible. (Not the extra legs and heads bit! The crocheted together bit! Haha!) This style of amigurumi always makes the pattern look so much smoother, increases the sturdiness of the piece and prevents the tedium of hours of sewing together dozens of fiddly bits.

Another great feature to this pattern is how you can easily modify it. You could quite easily change the dress– length, style– hair and add different features. Hum…zombies.

Anyway, this is certainly a pattern worth making and The Anticraft website is well worth checking out whenever you get a chance!

Have a crafty weekend!

P.S. There is also a super cute two-headed elephant version: Elephant, Elephant

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