Babel Fish Mouth Tutorial

This is a tutorial for how to do the Mouth section from my Babel fish pattern. If you do not have the pattern please purchase and download it before reading on!

I have gotten some requests for how to do the Babel fish mouth and so figured a photo tutorial would be the easiest way to explain everything. Also, I am sorry for the quality of the image but they were the best I could get!

Babel Fish Mouth Tutorial

by Megan Antoniak

Copyright 2013


Now I am working this with larger yarn and a larger hook just to better show how to do this. I also just chained a random number, but you will chain the correct number!


Slip stitch into the first chain to join.


Chain 1 and turn. (In a previous version of the pattern that piece of instruction was missing! I am very sorry but an updated PDF has been sent out now!!)

IMG_5309Continue to sc around.


When you reach the end of the row do not turn. Instead, put your hook through the next (the first sc you made) as usual.


Then slide your hook into the original ch stitch that is right below the sc you are working into. You will basically have to “fold” the fabric to make it work. As you can see, you will be angling your hook into the center of the circle you have made– you are not making the stitches on the outside of the circle.


This is how it looks from the side view as you pull your yarn through all the loops to make a slip stitch. See how it looks like you have three loops on the hook? This is the working loop on your hook, the “v” of the sc and the singe loop of the chain stitch. (I just pull one loop from the chain stitch. Two loops from the chain would be too hard to grab. Also if you aren’t completely certain where the chain is, you can kinda guess. Just so long as you cause the fabric to “fold” and slst it together!)


Pull it through all the “loops” for the slst and this is what you have.


Halfway done and it looks like you have a mess! But that’s fine!


When it’s completed this is what it will look like from the right side. This is the side that faces out of the Babel fish– the side you will see when you look at its face. You can see our slst/sc at the top making a nice ridge.  You can see that I haven’t BO my work yet either– there’s still my working yarn, the loop (stretched large so it wouldn’t come undone), and the tail from the start of the work. You would obviously BO at this point, leaving a long tail to sew with later.


The wrong side of the work. It looks all lumpy and funky. You will stitch this part down into the face.


And finally, how it looks from the side. I normally pull just a little on the stitches after it’s sewn down to make the lips stand up just a bit more.

Now, why do all this rather than just making a simple circle and BO? Well, the reason I do this is because I think it looks better. It gives the mouth a bit more 3D and have a bit more substance to them– they won’t fold over like a simple circle will. Plus, they are thicker– just like the lips on the Babel fish are depicted!

Hopefully this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or email me!

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