Free Pattern Friday Guest: Cthulhu

Time for another Free Pattern Friday, again featuring a “guest” free pattern!

This week’s free pattern is Cthulhu by Rural Rebellion. I love this pattern, it’s very well written out, works up quickly and turns out super cute! I’ve actually made this pattern three times…yes, three. I obviously like this pattern a lot.

The version above is made from some of my handspun that I dyed with Kool Aid like I showed you in this tutorial. The dye came out such a nice shade of green that I knew it had to be made into Cthulhu.

I am like Michelangelo only instead of marble I look at yarn and know what wants to be!

Or not. :P

There was enough yardage in the skein that I was able to make two Cthulhus like this. The second one I sent to a lovely person on Ravelry as part of an amigurumi swap. So somewhere out there this little guy has a twin. Awwww!

I also made a smaller version of this Cthulhu with size 5 Perle cotton and a steel crochet hook. (Oh, almost forgot to mention, I use a much smaller yarn than the pattern calls for and not doubled. So for the larger Cthulhu he’s made with fingering weight or thereabout and a US C crochet hook. Just FYI!) I think the little guy came out adorable, too. I like to think of him marching around, roaring, but being so cute and so little his menacing is pretty ineffective.

See? Isn’t he just too cute?!

Well, that’s it for today! I hope you like the pattern. Don’t forget to stop by Rural Rebellion’s blog and support her!

Next I’m going to have an original pattern for the Free Pattern Friday! So check back often. :)

2 Replies to “Free Pattern Friday Guest: Cthulhu”

  1. They look incredible! I absolutely love that hand dyed yarn, I hope when I get to try Kool-Aid dying, mine turns out as awesome at that! Thanks for the support -RuralRebellion

    1. Thanks! The pattern was just so cute I had to share it!

      I’m sure your dye will turn out amazing– it’s super easy and the colors are always very vibrant and fun. :)

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