Tour de Fleece: Day 5

Just a quick update for you today! Still working on Tour de Fleece. I have been more busy than I expected so I haven’t been able to spin as much as I had hoped. But that’s alright. I am still slowly making progress.

As you can see…


Saturday and Sunday are “challenge” days and I think, for my challenge, I am going to spin some silk/merino that I have in my stash using my drop spindle. I’m working at a local art gallery for the rest of the week, so the drop spindle will be something portable. Plus, I’m wanting a thicker yarn in order to make this lovely Rivendell Smoke Ring cowl by Susan Pandorf that I’ve been wanting to make forever. (The drop spindle is a little heavier so it would force me to spin thicker.) I still have a few days to consider it, and to run a little sample spin, so we’ll see! I also only have 2oz of it which means that I have to spin very carefully in a single ply and also hope that I can stretch it to be the yardage required.

It makes me nervous!!

Post your Tour de Fleece or any other spinning stories if you like! I’d love to hear about them!!


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