Pleasant Surprises and a Seven Year Pen

Today’s post is just a little bit different. I mostly wanted to share a story with you.

I own one of those Seven Year pens. You know, the pens you see in bookstores and the like advocating going green and all that jazz. (Not that I’m against it, quite the opposite!) Anyway, I had purchased one while working my previous job in a doctor’s office where I was constantly having to make notes in patient’s charts, take down appointments and other sundry writing tasks. Having a pen that wouldn’t die on me constantly was something I viewed as a bonus. Plus, it was a pen I could clip to my lanyard and not worry about sick people constantly touching it… I mean, I already got enough of their germs as it was!

I bought one, it worked and I loved it. Then, in a typical me fashion, I misplaced it. When I found it again I’d gotten married and moved and no longer worked the job I originally purchased it for, so I just set the pen aside and used it for notes and letters.

The other day it stopped working. Long before it’s seven years or 1.7 meters a day for seven years, blah, blah, blah.

So I Googled it wondering if perhaps I’d been mislead and others were complaining of this hoax. What I got instead was the company’s website instructing you to contact them if your pen died before its time. (Along with other things not to do with your pen, none of which I had.) I contacted them through their email form and, to my surprise, received a very polite email from them saying that they would send out a replacement cartridge if I would just give them my address. I did, saying thank you, and got another email in reply letting me know they’d sent it out that day.

Today I got the replacements…

Yup, all of that. Including the handwritten note with the adorable little cat sketch. (The goldfish card is a blank card, by the way.)

To say I was surprised is an understatement. I’m telling you that if anybody asks me my opinion for a good pen, I would suggest this one from Seltzer Goods because not only is their pen great (it’s comfortable and writes smoothly all the time) but their customer service is amazing.

Oh and I love having my pen working again!


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