Tour de Fleece: Day One

For those of you not on Ravelry, Tour de Fleece is basically a challenge for all spinners. It takes place during the actual Tour de France, but instead of racing bikes, we spin. And not in a racing manner either. It’s more of a personal challenge. You determine to spin every day (except for rest days), spin a “challenge” on challenge days and make any other spinning goals you want. It’s all up to you.

You also join the Tour de Fleece groups– both the major group and then any individual groups you desire. Such individual groups are started by other people and are generally themed. For instance, one of the groups I’m involved with is Team Tale Spinners from a different group on Ravelry where we celebrate and discuss all things relating to folklore and fairy tales! (Including in our spinning, knitting and crochet!)

Anyway, I won’t bore everyone by posting photos of my spinning every day, but I will be posting fairly regular images of them. Although, to be honest, since both the fibers I have are natural colored (I plan on dyeing them later) they might not look that different day to day. Other than the spindle gradually acquiring more yarn!

Today was the first day of the tour, but as I wasn’t feeling too great I only spun for a little bit on my Dodec wheel. My first project is a 4oz batch of superwash merino that I purchase from Paradise Fibers. (They are a great site, you really should go visit it. Their prices, quality, shipping, promotions and…well everything are pretty great!)

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


2 responses to “Tour de Fleece: Day One

  1. I just imagine everyone sitting on stationary bikes and peddling their hearts out with heaping bags of fiber in the spokes. XD

    Good luck!

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