Free Pattern Friday Guest: Barefoot Sandals

New addition to Free Pattern Fridays! I have decided that, for weeks I don’t host a free pattern of my own, I will to a “guest” version where I post a favorite free pattern created by someone else! I will try and make them ones that I have personally tried out, but sometimes there might just be too cute of a pattern that I haven’t gotten to make yet! (Hey, I’m a busy woman! Sometimes there just isn’t the time to make all the cute patterns you find!)


This week I’m focusing on these fantastic barefoot sandals made by Julie at Gleeful Things. (Follow the link to be taken to her blog and her pattern! And don’t forget to support her and her blog!)

First of all, you might be thinking, barefoot sandals? Well, yes I did say barefoot. But they really are super fun for lounging around the house, the deck or by the pool. And they look cute and hippie.

Second of all you might be wondering about the toe bit, if it’s comfortable to wear or not. It is, much to my surprise. Once I put them on, I hardly noticed the sandals or the toe loop.

For my version, I crocheted them in white crochet thread, size 10 with a US C hook. Since I crochet a little bit tighter than the designer– but didn’t have the next size up in hooks– I had to keep my tension loose, but it worked out fine as you can see!

I then used the DIY Kool Aid dye I showed you in the previous post. I used 1 packet of Mixed Berry and left them in the pot for about 30 minutes. (This left a lot of dye in the pot so I actually dyed a few other things of wool afterwards.)

Total time crocheting: probably 1 hour. Dye: 30 minutes.

Not bad for a quick summer project! Have a great weekend everyone!


2 responses to “Free Pattern Friday Guest: Barefoot Sandals

  1. Thank you for using my pattern! I’m glad you like it enough to blog about it!:) Your sandals came out nice and you’ve inspired me to try that kool aid dye!

    • Well, it is a very lovely pattern and I just had so much fun making it, I had to share! Hope the Kool Aid dye goes well– let me know how it turns out if you get a chance!

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