Free Pattern Friday: Hyperbolic Spheres


Let’s talk about some awesome math-based geeky crochet for a minute.

If you’re like me– and it’s possible, you might be– you probably get easily confused and give up on math. Normally it comes out something to the effect of “Math? Oh, I hate math. I’m just no good at it.”

Well, now of course, that’s not strictly true. Because if it was there would be some very basic functions I wouldn’t be able to perform– including crocheting. Crochet (and knitting) is all about math. Want to make something even? That requires increasing evenly meaning math. What to make a circle? Increases and decreases = math. Need to know how large or small to make something? Math again.

Alright, I think we all get it and any regular crocheter is probably rolling their eyes and nodding their head and wondering where this is going and…


There’s something really cool about the crochet-math connection I learned about a few months back. Now you might or might not know about something called a hyperbolic plane (and for us math impaired that Wiki page might only make a modicum of sense). Basically what you should know about it is that it’s a third plane that’s very ruffly. Like salad. Or sea slugs. Or coral…

Which brings us to our next awesome points. Firstly, that scientists struggled to reproduce it as a model. Secondly, that an awesome scientist who knew how to crochet managed to make one. And, thirdly that there’s a TED talk that makes a whole lot more sense than everything I probably just wrote and you should watch it!

Which leads us to our Geek Month Free Pattern Friday!


Hyperbolic Sphere
Project Type: Crochet
Skill Level: Super Easy
Materials Needed:
  • US C crochet hook
  • Fingering to sport weight multicolored yarn (I recommend using some yarn you dyed yourself to make it even cooler!)
  1. Magic loop 6 single crochet (sc) (Working in rounds, not back and forth!)
  2. 2sc in each sc around
  3. Repeat until either you run out of yarn or reach your desired size.
  4. Bind off and weave in ends.

Yup, that’s it.  Told you they were super easy. But they are also super addicting!! Mostly because you can do them mindlessly while doing something else– like watching tv. (You can see I have too many from that first picture and some of them aren’t even showing up properly in the image!)

I’ve even made some with lace weight and a smaller hook and they come out really cool!  They come out very small you can put a split ring on them an hang them from a necklace. Geeky crochet awesome!

The large one in front (in the very first picture) is made from some hand-spun alpaca that I did Kool Aid dye for and the one just behind it (darker splotchy one) I did with food coloring.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: yes, these are spheres, not planes. I just like how they look a little better! But you can always make them working from a chain rather than from a magic loop!

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