Handspun Monster and Super Secret Projects ™!!

So, I’ve been meaning to post an update this week, but couldn’t figure out what would be fun. I’ve been working on several Super Secret Projects ™ that, while I would like to share “in progress” photos, might give away what they are!

Don’t worry, you will get to see them shortly. And maybe, just maybe, get to enjoy some new patterns….Dun, dun, duuuunnn!!

Also, I have a fun little idea to do with the blog for the month of May. Again, it’s a Super Secret Project ™ so I’m not going to give it away, but I really think it would be entertaining!

That’s good and all but what does this mean I am doing for the blog post today?! Well, today is just a little picture post with a project I made a little while back but figured I could share with you.

He’s a little monster I knit up quickly one morning– nothing fancy and I can’t even remember what I did other than I know I worked him flat and seamed him up the back. He’s made from some bulky spindle-spun, hand-dyed alpaca of mine. (Quite a little horrible monster project there itself, too, learning to do the cleaning, carding, spinning and dying for that alpaca fleece all at once, but that’s another story.) Added the felt teeth and the bow just because I felt like he needed a little something more.

He doesn’t have a name yet, so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to shout…er…write them out!


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