Over the weekend I decided to take a bit of a break from crochet and knit and work on some nalbinding.

If, like most people, you don’t know what it is you can find more information about it through your friendly neighborhood Wiki page over here.

I learned about this ancient precursor to knitting and crochet because I am into vikings and all things Norse related. And, well, since they nalbound so must I!

I had some drop spindle (also viking) spun wool hanging around from when I was still relatively new to spinning. It’s pretty thick, very bulky, but sometimes got a bit thinner or very thin so wasn’t usable for much besides decorative items.

And perhaps some handwarmers…?

Yep. Perfect. I love working with nalbinding and bulky yarn just because it works up so quickly. And the texture of the stitches really brings out the squishy-squooshyness of the yarn. (That’s a legitimate adjective. I promise. ^_^)

For those who know what nalbinding is, my handwarmers are worked in simple Oslo stitch in the round. Nothing fancy.

Here’s a little gallery of the images:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. Almost forgot! The yarn was dyed in much the same way as I gave a tutorial for in this post! Although the colors in these pictures aren’t quite accurate for the actual colors of the yarn!


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