On Valentine’s Day Gifts

So, I’ve been busy making lots of gifts lately. Lots of gifts. And I’ve got a few more to do. Why so many people I know have birthday’s in February I don’t quite know…

Anyway, some of the gifts I made were for Valentine’s Day. A few of them I forgot to get pictures of before sending them to their people… Oops. But hopefully I’ll be able to catch them. If not, oh well. I will try and make sure to get images of all the other ones that I still haven’t given out yet and post images here.

I did make something for my husband, though, which I’ll give you a little look at. Also made a more unusual amigurumi for a Valentine’s Day contest on Ravelry. (I’m part of the group Amigurumi Addicts, which is also terribly addicting if you join!) The amigurumi I made for the contest was a little… darker shall we say? But I liked it a lot. ^_^

(Note: These are not my patterns even though I really love how they both turned out. You can find the patterns by the designers for free on Ravelry, though!)

The Twins

Gift for Luke


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