On All Sorts of New Things

So, it’s all new. Well, most of it. Switched the site over to WordPress for various reasons. I feel everything looks much nicer now. Don’t you?

Anyway, this whole new process will take a bit of time to complete. I’ve updated/added the pages on the sidebar, but a few of them don’t have much content yet. I’m working on it, though! Promise!

Currently, I’m particularly proud of the new gallery page– you should go check it out!

I am also working on a few new things for the site as well. Such as a Tips, Tricks and Tidbits page. How exciting! It will contain all my ideas and tips for amigurumi. This will also make my patterns a bit easier to read as there will simply be a link in the PDF to that page, rather than you having to read my three paragraphs of diatribes every time. ^_^

There’s a few new patterns on the way, hopefully very soon. Mostly I have to learn how to make the PDFs on my own and get good pictures of the items. The making PDFs thing will not be my strong point, I think. And a new camera would be helpful for the pictures…but we can’t get everything we want in life. (Sigh.)

However, as a little teaser, here’s an image of one of the to-come patterns:



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