On the Greenway Art Festival

Saturday’s art show went very well. Thanks to everyone who attended!!

Luke and I were quite warm for the entire time. It was supposed to be cool, but it was anything but. Actually, initially it was supposed to be raining, then maybe raining, then very cool, then slightly warm. And so it ended up very hot.

Tennessee weather, gotta love it.

Anyway, we sold quite a number of items, including a few of mine. I was very excited!! Hopefully they went to good homes!  The crowd was steady for most of the time, except around lunchish. I think we both loved being there although by the end of the day we were both a little sunburned and very tired. (In order to set up we had to be awake by 4:30am! Ugggh!)

I took some pictures of the art booth early in the morning right after we finished setting up. (I didn’t have my items out at the time, though.)

Also, here’s a little look at the Plutons sitting in the booth!

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