On the Purchasing of Yarn with Birthday Money

So, this past weekend it was my birthday. Which was awesome and amazing thanks to my great family (on both sides!)

Besides the wonderful, thoughtful gifts I was given, I was also given a bit of birthday money. This, of course, meant one thing…

Yarn shopping!!

I don’t quite think you can understand my delight at getting to go yarn shopping. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the luxury of walking into a yarn store and knowing that I can buy something. Normally I just go to pet the pretty soft yarns and ooh and aah over everything.

And, you know, wish I had money.

But this time I did! So after some consideration, debating, and deciding I chose which yarns to use.

Actually, that wasn’t quite such a simple process. I don’t know how many other people have this issue when it comes to picking yarn, but I can never decide what exactly to get.

The weight tends to be fairly obvious– you go with what the pattern calls for or else modify it to some other desired  weight for whatever reason. I’m also learning to understand how the different fibers in the yarn will change the drape, etc, of your item and that’s really improved my crocheting and knitting a lot.

It’s really the color that kills me. I find myself continually drawn to the same colors again and again, which is a little boring. (Although, says my internal self, they are so pretty!) So, I try to branch out a little. But then I get hit with the worry of will this actually match with anything I have?! Or will I be stuck with something pretty– yes– but unwearable?! Do I have to redesign my wardrobe for this one shawl?!

Ahem. Anyway.

I went with something different this time. Hopefully not wardrobe redesigning different, but different. It’s a smaller shawl pattern, it’s slightly asymmetrical and I chose colors with more reds than I normally would. (Although it does have some brown and green in it, too, so perhaps it wasn’t as far off of my natural muted earth-tones as I like to think…)

Here’s a picture of the shawl pattern I will be making. It is not my image or the colors of the yarn I have.

Trillian image copyright Martina Behm 2012

You can find the link to the designer’s website here!! Really, you should look at her things; they are very cute and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy inspired. Geeky is a plus!

So far I have all of about 10 rows done at the most. But I like it. It is a simple knit and does look very pretty (thus far) in the yarn I have chosen.

I will post pictures of it soon.


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