On the Management of Crafting

Ah, time management. It’s not exactly the first thing you think of when conjuring images of crafting. Normally I believe time management is associated with things like businesses, financial reports and life improvement plans. Not crafting. Crafting is interesting, fun, spontaneous and, well, crafty.

But for me, I’ve found it’s probably more necessary than I realized.

Here’s an example of my normal thought process at some point during the day:

“Finally, craft time! Let’s see, I need to spindle spin that lump of roving before it gets too covered in dust… Finish that camisole hopefully before the summer ends… There was that shawl pattern I was looking at…Ooh! A new Ravelry amigurumi swap– definitely doing that!! Christmas is coming so need to get on those gift projects as well…”

And then it all comes tumbling down as I suddenly realize that there’s no way am I going to be able to touch each of these projects in a single day. I’m like a parent with twenty children– thirty minutes with each and I’m at ten hours! And forget about an hour per kid!

So what about my craft children? All my lovingly half-completed projects crying out for my attention and their completion?

The short answer: I still don’t know.

But every day I fantasize about how it would be nice if I could I touch every project I see needs attention, post multiple comments on Ravelry as well as update my project feed, and still have time to cook dinner while reading.

Honestly, I don’t know who that woman is. She’s super craft woman. If somebody knows her, please introduce us.

Although I might have to resist the urge to do something devious to her needles just to slow her down to my level for a day.

Yet she probably has a backup set of interchangeables.


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